Mayfield's Quality Cleaners VIP Pouch Service

Mayfield's Quality Cleaners would like to offer you the opportunity to join our VIP Pouch Service Club. We feel that the VIP Pouch Service Club will be an asset to you and all of your office staff. Here's how it works:

Pickup and Delivery

Each individual member of the VIP Pouch Service Club will be given a personalized VIP pouch in which to put their dry cleaning or laundry in. Pick up and delivery will be done 2 days per week. For example, any clothes picked up on Thursday will be delivered on Monday. Pick up and delivery days will depend on what part of town you office or home is located. The VIP pouch will allow you to use a clothes bag for each pick up day. We will return the pouch with each delivery made. Therefore you will never be without a pouch. Your clothes will be delivered sparkling clean.


Each month you will receive an invoice for services rendered. All invoices are due by the 15th of each month. Your payment options are payment by check or by credit card. If you wish to pay on a daily basis this is OK. The delivery person can accept payments but he/she is not authorized to accept cash payments.

By joining our VIP Pouch Service Club, Mayfield's Quality Cleaners will take the entire hassle out of your dry cleaning and laundry chores. Join today and allow us to do the work for you!

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